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  • What is mPOD?
    mPOD is a diagnostic platform to detect pathogens in biofluids. mPOD’s core competency is integrating aptamer design and development into biosensors in a unique and innovative way. Our service today specialises in point-of-care and home-based self-testing. We help users to get tested for COVID-19 without the need of seeing the doctor.
  • How does the test work?
    The test is a lateral flow immunoassay test and operates in a similar way to a pregnancy test. Embedded into the test strip are aptamers that bind to a COVID-19 specific protein called S-protein. When a saliva sample is added to one end of the test, it flows along the test strip and interacts with these aptamers. If the patient has contracted COVID-19, the biomarkers in their saliva will bind to the aptamers on the test strip, leaving a visible test line. If the patient doesn’t have COVID-19, no biomarkers should be present in their saliva and no test line will be visible. The presence of the test line is needed to be visible for a positive result.
  • What sample can I use?
    The test will only work saliva. Blood, plasma or serum samples will not work for this test.
  • Can babies and young children be tested?
    Yes, there are no issues with testing babies and young children.
  • Can pregnant or breast feeding women be tested?
    Yes, there is no harm to the mother or baby when performing a test.
  • What about my patient data?
    We respect that your data is personal and that it is your information. mPOD will only pass on anonymised data to the CDC for national tracking purposes, and will only pass your personal data to your primary care team responsible exclusively for your care. They will review your data on the mPOD dashboard and contact you if necessary. We cannot identify you from your clinical data alone.
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