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AI-powered intelligence for rapid and accurate reading

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Medical Text

Improve accuracy and utility

mPOD is woking on a prototype of an ML-powered device to read lateral flow diagnostic tests, as used for COVID-19, pregnancy, and many other diagnoses. Many patients struggle to get reliable results from current tests and doctors struggle with trusting the results because they are hard to read visually, are difficult to use, and often used incorrectly and at the wrong time, but mPOD solves this using a tiny, cheap AI camera within a simple reader that is built bespoke for each lateral flow test partner.


They are already working closely with test manufacturers, and are assembling a unique dataset of images as part of a patient-focused data pipeline to learn from each partnership that gives them a strong and defensible head start in this space.

Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 13.51_edited.jpg

Objective and accurate readings of the QuickVue LFA: Identifies test lines that could be missed by the human eye, Improved utility of tests by helping those who might find it difficult to take/read the test, Improve effectiveness of mass testing programs. End-to-end AI-powered process for test result in < 2 seconds: Anomaly detection for invalid test results, Authenticate test device via QR code.

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